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The Excellence of the Python Community

14 Jun 2021

When Python's creator, Guido van Rossum, created the programming language, many people worldwide gathered around to proclaim their love for it. Python's ecosystem is massive; it has standard libraries, powerful primitives, and more. There's also plenty of activity in global and local Python communities and online meet-up channels.

The Many Uses of Python

6 May 2021

A benefit of learning Python is the opportunity to use it for many applications. To help with data analysis or visualization, machine learning and web development are among the programming language's primary uses. You can also use it for game development, scripting, embedded applications, desktop programs, and more.

Pseudocode: A Reason to Love Python

28 Mar 2021

Pseudocode is a way of creating programming logic. Its concept is to write out statements that don't have to follow the exact approaches of a programming language's syntax and grammar.

Like pseudocode, Python is easily readable and understandable. And it's a simple reason to love it!