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What are Python Web Frameworks?

26 Jun 2021

We assume that you're reading this article because you're either interested in learning Python or already started. Although coding seems overwhelming, it's pretty doable with interest and determination.

If you already know what you want to accomplish with Python, the next step would be to choose a framework that best fits your outcomes. Every website that you visit, big or small, makes use of a web framework. A good example is an interactive website, as an online casino. Read more about online casinos at

Web Framework by Definition

To choose the proper framework, you need to know what it is first. We can define a web framework as a collection of modules or packages that simplify the web development process.

These packages include shortcuts to existing solutions, which spares the developer from creating these codes from scratch.

There are two categories when it comes to web frameworks, namely frontend, and backend. Fronted frameworks are also known as CSS frameworks and refer to a website's user interface. In contrast, the backend framework deals with all the behind-the-scenes factors of web development.

Depending on your project, Python Frameworks offers the benefit of integrating the frontend and backend elements so that you can achieve the result you want. Here are some things that a framework can assist you with:

  • Interpreting requests like parameters, handling cookies and sessions.
  • Producing responses like presenting information in an HTML format.
  • Storing of data.

Python Framework Examples


Django is one of the most popular choices amongst web developers, as it’s the perfect framework for working on a deadline. It saves you a lot of time as it focuses on automating. With its "Don't Repeat Yourself" principle, you can be sure to keep data relevant and structured.

It also features templates and generates an automatic admin interface. Well-known websites like Instagram and Pinterest use Django so we couldn't leave it off our list.


Flask is a microframework. The framework features simplistic functionality and enables easy expansion.

Flask offers a comprehensive manual that acquires information in digestible portions. In that case, you won't have to read numerous paragraphs before you can start performing basic tasks.

Popular websites that use Flask as a framework include Netflix, Reddit, and Uber.

Django as Flask is only two of hundreds of Python frameworks that can help you build the perfect website. If you're looking to develop an interactive website, a framework is your best bet to saving time.

The Excellence of the Python Community

14 Jun 2021

When Python's creator, Guido van Rossum, created the programming language, many people worldwide gathered around to proclaim their love for it. Python's ecosystem is massive; it has standard libraries, powerful primitives, and more. There's also plenty of activity in global and local Python communities and online meet-up channels.

The Many Uses of Python

6 May 2021

A benefit of learning Python is the opportunity to use it for many applications. To help with data analysis or visualization, machine learning and web development are among the programming language's primary uses. You can also use it for game development, scripting, embedded applications, desktop programs, and more.

Pseudocode: A Reason to Love Python

28 Mar 2021

Pseudocode is a way of creating programming logic. Its concept is to write out statements that don't have to follow the exact approaches of a programming language's syntax and grammar.

Like pseudocode, Python is easily readable and understandable. And it's a simple reason to love it!